私たちが創設したJapan Ocean Sailors Association(JOSA)は、大海原を渡る本格的な長距離ソロレース(一人乗り)やダブルハンドレース(二人乗り)に、純粋かつ直向(ひたむき)な心で挑戦しようとする日本人外洋Sailorたちが互いに助け合って、力を合わせてその目標を達成するためのコミュニティーです。









Prospects of JOSA

JOSA is a collaborative community of Japanese offshore sailors united by wholehearted passion for the Ocean, where those aspiring for bluewater races come aboard in solidarity, to help each other out towards the achievement beyond the horizon.

Those who dare to set sail in grand-prix single/double handed races will inevitably find themselves along the French and European coast.

Washed ashore without a base, boat, coach, or staff, these individuals encounter heavy headwinds from day one, exhausting their funds and time before they even come near the starting line.

If they can follow the path of their predecessors, with those who envision the same coming to lift another’s burden, the big race, once nothing but a dream, will finally come true.

These offshore races, still mythical to us Japanese sailors, shall come within reach if those returned aid the novice, to veer them from bleeding their funds and time.

Backing a sailor’s challenge as a team will enrich the life of all, and with each individual experiences aloft to form a common asset, our community shall mature to match the rest of the world.

As Japanese offshore sailors with an unflinching heart, express our love for offshore sailing and love for the ocean on the world stage, we envision our unwavering passion being acknowledged by sailors across the globe.

We also strive to expand the outreach of offshore sailing within Japan, by actively supporting young Japanese sailors breaking through the waves.

Instead of letting individual challenges weathering away on their own over time, we seek to transcend these invaluable experiences along with the next challenger, through which we become a breeze of fresh air at the forefront of offshore sailors in Japan.

Japan Ocean Sailors Association